Friday, September 22, 2006

Sikhs Rejected From A Club in Amsterdam


This story begins a few weeks ago. I am currently working in Amsterdam and have been doing so for a few months. My cousin came to see me and we went out to what on the internet looked like a very fine establishment. A mix of a James Bond Casino, and a Hype Williams Hip Hop Video. All excited and dressed up we went to this place called Mansion ( - great introduction).
Walking up the red carpet to the entrance we got stopped by a over built, over aged bouncer who said we could not come in with our bandanas on. We were very unhappy with this, and went about explaining that this was to cover our hair and that we were Sikhs. The bouncer was not arrogant and understood the situation but still decided against letting us in, explaining that it was the club policy not to let in headgear. I would go into all of the details but at the end of it, we did not get in and had to walk away. Trust me I was very upset and unhappy.

The next day came and I wrote an email, I also faxed a copy and even though I received no replies, I sent a letter again showing my unhappiness. (Letter is available for any people that request it, it is a bit long to post here).

I guess a lot of you readers are either angry as I was, or laughing, or are already on a flight to Amsterdam to try and get into this place.

Well, yesterday I received a response. It is fair to say that this was the response I was expecting. It was a sincere apology from the owner, who is actually from Northern England he says and does understand why we were not let in. He stated that an exception should have been made for us but could only apologise that it was not. He even offered us a free dinner for two as a show of good faith. Fair to say I was very impressed, and the apology and understanding that this would not happen to any Sikhs that visit this place was all I wanted. The dinner was not what I set out to gain and so I have replied saying I am declining this offer (did I do the right thing? maybe I can explain in another Blog later). I did say that I would like to visit this place at the weekend, as I really want to walk into the place past the bouncer who did not let me in.

Well, I guess the morale of the story is, the world is full of people, and it is all about people. To get on this world, all you need to do is communicate and things just work out.
I will give you all an update on what this place was like after my weekend visit.

If any of you have faced a similar situation it would be good to hear what happened and how you dealt with it. If you need any help with writing a letter or dealing with something like this, please just contact me, The Colonel is happy to help.

'I'll be Back' - Terminator


Blogger Sifar said...

If it was a sincere appology (which it seems was as the owner is fm Northern England and is aware about Sikhs), there was no harm in accepting the dining offer.

6:56 pm  
Blogger The Colonel said...

True, I can understand. I just didn't want to be the person who everyone says he only complained just to have the free dinner. This is not what I set out for, even though like you i agree, the thought shows good faith.

12:04 pm  
Blogger Sifar said...

Agreed. But you didnot go to the club for a free dinner in the first place. So the Owner or the Managers would know that you were here before, with your wallet.....

As far as your wanting to walk past the bouncer who did not let you in, I believe you solved the purpose by opening the eyes of the Management to unfair treatment you met with at the joint. So I believe you should just leave it at that....

2:46 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your are so right about communication.

I think everybody knows that good communication can solve most problems. However we don't always communicate aswell as we could.

About walking past the bouncer... I agree with 'Sifar'. You said that the bouncer wasn't arrogant or anything but even if he was, it would show alot of humility and class just to go in as normal without making a point of walking past him.

7:34 am  

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