Monday, September 25, 2006

The Fragile Human Body


From my last post many of you might be waiting to hear how it went at the Mansion on Saturday night. Well, unfortunately I am going to disappoint you all as I did not manage to go. As the point before I explain, I have to say doesn't that always happen, you really look forward to something and it either never happens, or is a real big let down. WHY IS THAT???

Back to my misfortune anyway, waking up on Saturday morning, it is fair to say the red wine of the night before had taken it's toll on my head. I decided to relax on the sofa while watching Football Focus (yes they have BBC1 and BBC2 in Amsterdam, they have been my savior). I am not sure whether it was tiredness or hearing Mark Lawrence speak but I fell asleep.

When I woke up I felt a twinge in my neck, and that was it, I knew it, pulled something just like that from sleeping arkwardly. I couldn't turn my neck one way at all, and the pain was then going down to my back. Was not fun..!!

After some heat packs it got better but not enough for me to go out. And that is how I missed out on a great night out. This was made even worse by one of my work colleagues going there and spending most of the day going on about it. Oh well I say, what is meant to be is meant to be.

For the caring folk out there, my neck still hurts but is much better. This made me think about how fragile the human body is. I think many of you will not agree and I can understand, we punish the body quite alot and it comes out on top, twist your ankle, backaches, broken bones, it conquers everything and I agree. My point is that it gets easily injured in the first place and it drives me wild because we only have one of it. Amazing really the one thing we needed to be indestructible, is the one thing that isn't.

My list of injuries goes on as a long list, and all of it related to the game of gods, football/soccer. But can any of us stop playing...not a chance. The other point is that we are always reactive, and not preventive. We wait for an injury first and then worry setting it right, never worry about protecting ourselves first to stop the injury. The reason why..TIME..!

We never have enough time to relax, stretch out, do yoga, all the things that will help us in old age. Instead we give them up for an extra ten minutes infront of the tv. It's not that we do not want to, but let's face it, it is just boring. When we have to do it after an injury then there is a need, but before that, it's just boring.

Well, I guess I started off on one thing and ended up elsewhere, be good to hear how other people think about this. Do you agree? Or am I just going off on one.

Maybe I could summarise and say, look after your bodies, you only get one of them, and I recommend everyone gets into yoga to some extent (even it is means just stretching), we all have fragile human bodies, and they need to be looked after......otherwise you will never be able to go to the best places because of stiff necks..!!

'Say hello to my little friend' - Scarface


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