Thursday, December 21, 2006

It's been a while...

Hey all,

Sorry for the lack of blogs but as with all of you I guess, work has to take over at some point. Currently working in London, the UK capital which is under a cloud of fog at the moment. Hope none of you are looking to fly anywhere today.

Working in London and travelling up to the emerald hills of yorkshire weekly. It's not a fun life I can tell you but if anyone wants the best of two world's, then I recommend it. It's actually quite surprising how many people travel like this, just spending some time at Leeds station or Kings Cross in London and you wil be fully informed of the great train loving British public.

I think this leads onto an interesting question, does everyone travel daily, and get beaten up with the jolting trains, get backache from the hours of sitting, the illness from other people i the carriages....all for the greed of a better life and additional "benjamin's" in their pockets.

From my perspective I think that has a big factor, otherwise if I could have a similar job in the North, why would I travel. Of course for some people it's the love of work, but then I would say if work is such a priority, then maybe move closer to it. Would love to hear what people think about this?

The other item that really gets to me about trains is the train attendants. I agree it is their job to actually check all tickets and I commend them on this, but sometimes I think they should be more considerate to the travellers. When I travel down at 7am on a monday morning, I can tell you that I need to sleep, as do half of the other passengers on the train. As forward thinking as I am, I always put my ticket on the tray infront of me so the attendant can check the ticket without waking me up. Now how many times have they checked it without waking me up...."0" times.

Not only do they have to wake me up when the ticket is infront of me, they also have to shout from one side to the other to say, ' All tickets please!!'.

I can only hope that they are more considerate in the future, if not over the Xmas period.

'Show me the money' - Jerry Maguire


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