Monday, December 17, 2007

Liverpool to choose DIC over US

Not long ago Liverpool FC had 2 fantastic offers on the table to choose from, and right now it seems like they made the wrong one.

For the first time LFC are airing their laundry in public, this is a new feeling for the supporters of the club who have always see a single front estalished by the board, manager and players. Could this all lead to a turning point in LFC fortunes...for the worse.!

The offer from DIC, though of a lower value now seems to be of a much higher importance. The fact that Dubai as a country would have owned LFC would mean no debt, the stadium would have been well on it's way, new players would have been bought without a care. It would have had the purchasing power of Roman Abromovich times 100. Other positives would be that that DIC seemed to have really wanted to buy Liverpool. So what if their due diligence took a while, isn't that a good thing, showing they cared, they knew how to run a business, and where in it for the long run. They would have built a stadium in Dubai just for LFC to play some games, a new training camp for when players were tired, the treatments, and just imagine having all the rich Arabs of Dubai supporting LFC, paying fortunes for boxes, subscriptions to LFC TV, buying the shirts. Is it just me or am I right in thinking that this would have been the biggest money machine ever....and all helping to make LFC the best club ever.

Instead, it seems more a meagre £1000 extra a share, the owners (Moores/Parry) have sold themselves to some old US grandfathers who have no idea what they have bought and what to do with it. Glazer at Old MUFC knew he was buying a money machine, just due to the revenues that Old Trafford can generate. Gillet and Hicks should have know that Anfield is not the same and that is why a new stadium is essential. Also why have two people owning a club, when god knows when thye may pass on, and their kids could not want a part of it, instead DIC was an organisation, doesn't matter who headed it up, but an organisation of the Dubai government is not going anywhere.

I am really disappointed that this decision was made and LFC have to now make the best of what they have, and hopefully this means that the stadium can go ahead at maximum speed with maximum seating capacity, and that Rafa still has the fund he needs to make Liverpool title contenders.

I guess it is just a matter of watching this space, and hoping DIC come back one day to complete what they started.

'Reap what you sew'


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