Wednesday, April 04, 2007

300 - What a film....


Just came back from Miami last week and while I was there we watched the film '300'. Just one word.. WOW!!.

I have heard alot of people call it mindless and just full of fights, all I would say is that it is not meant to be anything else. The film does not portray itself as a Oscar winner, or one full on emotional romance and dialogue. The film trailer shows exactly what the film is about so how can anyone go into the cinema expecting anything else. I have to say, the people that expect something totally different to what the film is really need to do some research. I can understand if a film does not meet expectations, but my point is that expectations need to be clear.

Anyway, back to the film. I think you need to go with a mind to watching alot of fight scenes, men dressed in very little and making you want to go straight to the gym afterwards, and some funny one-liners. It also asks alot of questions about democracy and the role of women in the world. If this is really how the Spartans lived then they should be commended for respecting the female and also standing up for democracy.

Having spoke to a few people I think the film could have been based on Sikhs, as there are times in Sikh history where few have also stood against many and triumphed. Even in these battles, democracy was at the core of the battle. Also the way the Sikhs gave equality to women shows the similarity that the Sikhs had with the Spartans, aswell as the good fighting and good looks..!!

I would definitely recommend viewing this film and if you have seen it already I would like to know what you thought of it.

'This is Sparta' - 300