Monday, December 17, 2007

Italian or English Pride - What is the FA doing?

As you have all heard we now have an Italian at the head of England Football. This is quite shocking and it makes you think what is next...Cudicini in Goal..!!

Firstly, I do not like the idea of an Italian (or any foreigner) leading England. England is a national game, it should pit the best England Players against other countries players, and also best coaches, physio's, support against those of other countries. At one point my argument does fall over and that is to do with developing countries. Could Greece have ever won Euro 04 without a German at the healm, how good would have South Korea have been without Hiddink. For these reasons I am prepared to back track on my comment of not ever having a non-English coach. But what I do not understand is why we cannot have a English backroom heading up by an Italian.

This should have been the case, it seems the FA, in the urgency to get their man at whatever cost have basically turned the English into the Italian B Team. How can we have Italian, goalkeeping coaches, fitness coaches etc heading up England. That just does not make sense at all. I would like to see if anyone agrees with the backroom staff appointment.

Capello as a man is fanstastic and no doubt will make England great again, but England FA does not have a divine right to be good. Many this is a reflection of the game in England with the foriegn influx that we are suffering with. If England are unable to find a suitable English coach, that should not mean we go and find the best non-Egnlish coach, we should make do with what we have. England is not a developing nation, it is a nation that is just not good enough, and therfore should live with the consequences. I do not see Scotland or Wales chasing glory, it is more to do with country and national pride with these nations and that is how it should be. Glory should not be the greatest pinnacle, it should be about how you got there.

Like I say, to win would be get Cudicini to play for England as he has never played for Italy so can be elegible. How far do we want to go. I guess most of the Arsenal youngsters could choose England as their national team to play for, would this be right. I do not like this idea. The days of Liniker, Gazza, Pearce need to return, where winning at any cost was more about effort and commitment, not about who you can go out and buy or cheat with.

Would like to hear your thoughts on this, as this topic is not only about Football, it is about what we are prepared to do to gain quick success without the effort and committment that goes behind it.

'The hare and the tortoise' - only ever one winner


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